Ha Giang: PCI Training Workshop for People’s Council Deputies

01 December 2016

Implementing the cooperation agreement of the Program “Strengthening the role of Elected Representatives in improving provincial business environment in the period 2016-2019”, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Training Center for Elected Representatives under Board of Deputy Affairs co-organized two (02) regional PCI training conferences for People's Council deputies in HauGiang on November 23, 2016 and Ha Giang on December 01, 2016.


 Accordingly, the training workshop in HauGiang was held for Southern region under the chairmanship of Mr. Bui Duc Thu, Deputy Head  of Board of Deputy Affairs, Training Center for Elected Representatives; Mr. Tran Cong Chanh- Secretary - Provincial Party Committee of HauGiang, Mr. DauAnh Tuan - Head of Legal Department of VCCI, PCI Project Director with the participation of speakers and lecturers: Dr. Le Dang Doanh – senior economist; Dr Vo Hung Dung - Director of VCCI Can Tho; PCI experts &  members of Deputy Affairs.


The workshop welcomed 50 representatives from Ha Giang and other 9 southern provinces across the country including leaders from People’s Councils: Mr. Nguyen QuocCa – Vice Chairman of HauGiang People’s Council (PC), Mr. Vo Phien – Vice Chairman of Quang Ngai PC, Ms Nguyen Kim Tuyen – Vice Chairman of Dong Thap PC, Mr. Nguyen KienCuong – Vice Chairman of Ca Mau PC, Mr. Le Thanh Hung – Vice Chairman of Bac Lieu PC, Ms Chung ThiChieu – Vice Chairman of Ha Giang PC, Mr. Nguyen Minh Thuc – Vice Chairman of Phu Yen PC, Mr. Nguyen ThanhCa – Vice Chairman of Long An PC, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son – Chief of Office – SocTrang PC, Mr. Tran Van Hoan – Deputy Chief of Office – KhanhHoa PC. The 2nd training workshop for Northern region was held in Ha Giang under the chairmanship of Mr. Thao Hong Son - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee – Chairman of Ha Giang People’s Commmittee, Mr. Bui Duc Thu - Deputy Head -  Training Center for Elected Representatives (TCER), Mr. Pham Ngoc Thach - Deputy Head of Legal Department, VCCI with the participation of speakers and lecturers who are senior experts: Mr. Tran Huu Huynh - Chairman of Vietnam International Arbitration Centre; Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Former Officier of TCER; PCI experts &  member of Deputy Affairs.


The traning workshop attracted the participation of more than 30 delegates from BinhPhuoc and 8 northern provinces including leaders of Provincial People's Councils: Mr. Do Xuan Sang Vice Chairman of PhuTho PC, Mr. Tran ThanhHai - Vice Chairman of TuyenQuang PC, Mr. Trieu Kim Long - Deputy Chairman of Committee for Ethnic Minorities, Ms. Ho ThanhHoa, Vice Chairman of Lao Cai PC, Mr. GiangManhNha - Vice Chairman of Hai Duong PC, Mr. Ngoc Trai - Vice Chairman of BinhPhuoc PC.




The two training workshops aimed at creating a forum for People’s Council deputies to discuss about practical mechanism and policy in performing their functions, especially in applying PCI into deputies’ activities of policy making, supervising policy implementation, through which the elected representatives understand more about PCI employment for their work; learn about and exchange best practices from other localities in the region as well as from PCI experts across the country.


In particular, the main contents delivered by senior experts at the workshops include: Role of improving governance quality in enhancing competitiveness in the context of international economic integration; Introduction and updates on Vietnamese business environment’s status in comparison to the world’s, concerned economic-investment issues; opportunities and challenges when such agreements as FTAs, TPP, ..., of which Vietnam is a member are effective. Besides, other topics that were also included in the lectures to provide participants more knowledge about PCI: provincial business environment through the lens of PCI; effective use and employment of PCI in exercising the tasks of people’s councils of issuing resolutions and supervising policy implementation.


In addition, it was notable that participants had a chance to rehearse   an explanation session at the People’s Council using PCI data. In this exercise, participants were assigned to the title roles in a true interpretation of the People's Council:  the presiding committee was composed of a president and vice presidents, secretary and other roles like representatives from Provincial People’s Committee, firms or business associations to take part in explaining a problem which was concerned by Standing People’s Council. These practical exercises helped trainees understand and employ PCI as a useful source of information in service of the activities of People’s Councils in analyzing, synthesizing and using PCI in each of every particular case.


Addressing the workshop  in Ha Giang, Mr. Bui Duc Thu – Deputy Head, Board of Deputy Affairs said ”This training workshop has enormous significance for provinces and cities. The PCI represents the collective voice of the business community that provides updated information useful for local government leaders to identify their problematic areas of governance and suggests how to improve them.”   In the meanwhile, Mr. Thao Hong Son – Standing Deputy Secretary of Ha Giang Party’s Committee – Chairman of People’s Council also affirmed that "Over the years, the role and voice of the elected bodies have become increasingly important in the process of policy making and policy implementation monitoring in all aspects, especially in socio-economic development at provinces. People's Councils’ elected representatives at all levels have actively reflected the difficulties and problems, desires and aspirations of the voters including leaders of companies, enterprises, cooperatives... On that basis, the government committees at all levels have worked harder on their leadership and direction to promote socio-economic development, improving the lives of the people. These achievements resulted from the fact that a number of People's Council deputies learnt to use the PCI for their work in getting involved in developing local socio-economic development plan and monitoring activities. Ha Giang has implemented many measures to assist enterprises by prioritizing settling capital construction debts, strengthening dialogues, organizing  symposium for connecting banks with businesses ... focusing more on reforming administrative procedures, making public of planning documents, enhancing information transparency, creating favorable conditions for investors.



Previously at the training workshop in HauGiang, Mr. Bui Duc Thu emphasized: “During recent years, despite the PC’s heightened position and role, there remain some certain limitations. Thus to strengthen validity and effectiveness of  PC’s activities as well as the role of PC, it is necessary for PCs to renew their styles and ways of working; organize training courses to consolidate their staff’s professional knowledge , ensuring  better performance  of PC’s activities.” These opinions were agreed by most participants at the workshop who also suggested to strengthen the role of elected bodies in improving business environment, contributing to the improvement of PCI of localities in the upcoming time.


In general, the two training workshops can be considered a great success, achieving the objectives set out. According to survey data collected after the training, the trainees showed their high evaluation for the contents, practical lessons as well as presentations by experts and speakers.


Many participants appreciated usefulness of the training and got it recorded for later use in deputies’ activities, saying that PCI is a useful communication channel to serve their activities. The discussion contents, practical exercises, material quality and experts’ presentations were so satisfactory that 100% of participants rated   lecture contents good and very good; almost of them felt impressed by with various discussion topics and flexible presentation methods (Figure 1).




Skills on organizing consultative meetings, query sessions ... were all applied competently by participants during the practical section. Real stories as well as delegates’ experience in localities were shared lively and sincerely among the participants about relevant issues which resulted in a very productive training session.  Material quality and logistics arrangements also received positive responses. Particularly, about 37% respondents were totally satisfied and 60% were satisfied while only less than 3% were unsatisfied with the training which demonstrated that the training topics realized the urgent concerns of participants (Figure 2).


When asked about what contents they were most interested in at the training, 58% said they liked the presentation on how to effectively use PCI data for the policy-making and monitoring activities by People’s Councils while 8% were more interested in the analyses of local business environment from PCI’s perspective; 12% found the section of experience-sharing of PCI employment the most interesting and the rest voted for other contents.


In order to enhance quality for the next training courses, the participants were asked to suggest what could be improved to better meet their requirements, 27% of trainees proposed for more  specific methods of strengthening provincial competitiveness to be included, approximately other 27% expected to learn more about  how to use  PCI in activities of People’s Assembly, nearly 9%  suggested to have more lectures on other macro topics such as  Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the international integration context . Meanwhile, a large number of respondents proposed that the course should have a longer time frame so that more time could be dedicated for the section of practical exercises.


That over 90% respondents when asked if they would register for such similar training courses in the future said “yes” to this question shows that there are a really high demand for such kind of PCI training, which would be taken into account when the Project plans for their activities in the upcoming year.


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