Dong Nai: PCI diagnostic workshop

4 April, 2017

On April 4th, PPC’s Vice Chairman of Dong Nai – Mr. Tran Van Vinh and VCCI had a meeting on the PCI2016 of Dong Nai for the goal of improving business environment, strengthening local competitiveness.


Phó chủ tịch UBND tỉnh Trần Văn Vĩnh phát biểu tại hội nghị.


Mr. Dau Anh Tuan – Head of Legal Department, VCCI – recommended that if the province had timely amendment, the business environment would be improved and get higher ranking, thereby attract more investors.


VCCI’s representatives also suggested that Dong Nai should decrease business inspection times, create safely legal environment for firms, implement direct business dialogues or via provincial portal.


Mr. Vinh emphasized that PCI index of Dong Nai was still quite low in comparison to other provinces in region, therefore, all related branches and departments had to be responsible for faults, cooperated to remove firms’ troubles, review and amend to create advantages for enterprises.

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