On the July 28th afternoon, PCI Project/VCCI organized a PCI training course for VCCI branches which was chaired by Mr. Dau Anh Tuan – PCI Program Director, Head of Legal Department VCCI with the participation of the whole PCI Team and 30 representatives from all 10 VCCI branches. The training was intended to update the latest information on the use of PCI in activities to support the improvement of the local business environment and the exploitation of available survey data for the activities of VCCI branches.


To begin, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Lan – PCI Program Manager summarized PCI significant activities through outstanding numbers of the 13-year-journey of PCI: 363.143 DDI firms and 63.913 FDI firms participated in PCI surveys; 16 PCI launches were organized; 357 PCI diagnostic workshops and 21 regional workshops were conducted, 54.852 leaders from provinces and departments attending PCI events, in addition to some highlight events carried out in the 2016-2017 period such as: Biz Café “Initiatives from localities”, PCI regional workshop “Analyzing PCI 2016 of Mekong Delta region and sharing best practices in improving PCI” held in Vinh Long, regional workshop “Strengthening the role of business associations in improving provincial business environment” held in Binh Thuan, as well as PCI international experience sharing activities in Laos and Myanmar.


The future orientations for PCI project were also mentioned by Ms. Lan, in which she shared about the main activities being planned for the upcoming time: updating PCI methodology, strengthening PCI consultancy for provinces through training activities and workshops to better support provinces in improving provincial competitiveness and business environment. The training course was kept on with the presentation of Mr. Dau Anh Tuan regarding the roles and impacts of PCI on local economic governance and national competitiveness.


He also explained in depth the connection between PCI and the implementation of Resolution No.19 and No.35 of the government. The workshop participants had a lively discussion on the situation of improving local business environment by using PCI, in which the representatives of VCCI branches in turn reported about their activities in supporting the provinces to enhance local economic governance. In the last part of the training course, Mr. Pham Ngoc Thach – member of PCI team – Vice Head of Legal Department of VCCI host the Q&A session on PCI technical issues. He shared the experience in how to conduct a survey, from the overall process to specific steps such as preparing a survey plan, survey sampling, and analyzing and using survey results. Many questions were raised, that focused on how to implement a survey and best use PCI data for supporting the provinces in removing obstacles for firms, improving the local business environment and enhancing provincial competitiveness.


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